Diary Post of a Stay at Home Wife

First,  I want to thank the people who have been following my blog and for the people who stopped by and visited. I appreciate all of you who have taking an interest in my thoughts, life, and lessons I have learned. I appreciate the comments of those who have shared with me.

I have been needing to write another post for awhile. Since my husband and I traveled to Texas, (last two posts) I felt like I haven’t had the inspiration to write about anything. Well, I am in the mood to write today.

Life seems like it has been a little hectic for me. Right now, my husband and I are planning a wedding that is in three months. I am trying to put all the finishing touches together and as the bride, I am starting to get overwhelmed.

We also adopted two kittens, and our two dogs are on their menstrual cycles. My husband has been a tremendous help with our animals. Usually, I was the one getting up and taking care of our pigs, two kittens, and two dogs. Lately, he has been feeding the pigs, the cats, and the dogs everyday before he goes to work. All I have to do is make sure the pigs have water, take the dogs out so they can go to the restroom, and clean the kitty litter box. I am thankful, but sometimes spending the day with a bunch of animals gets me feeling irritable.

This is the everyday stuff I am still adjusting to. Life as a stay at home wife. When my husband isn’t home working, I am stuck by myself at home with a bunch of animals. My husband  started calling me Dr. DoLittle… just because I talk to animals all day. So, currently, my journey right now is filling my time up with more than animals and wedding stuff…

If I were honest, I battle boredom and loneliness. Right now, money is tight so its hard to want to go anywhere. If I were honest, I miss being close to family and friends whom I could see anytime of the day if I wished.

This is an adjustment and it’s hard. I don’t always know how to lean on the Lord during times like this. I am looking for refuge and a safe place of quite. So, I am here in at the library to see if I can find a glimpse of the solace I am looking for to recharge.

I don’t know what the Lord wants to do with me, but waiting can be hard. I have encountered many times in my life where I had to wait on the Lord and let him work on my heart, but those times don’t make this season of my life easier.

This season is not a bad thing. It is change, but change for me can be hard. I have a hard time adjusting to a life that isn’t predictable and in my control. I have struggled with this in my life.

I think I find it harder not knowing what God has for me than feeling secluded. It is easy to get discouraged, but that is something I will have to fight for.

The Lord is with me, even when I don’t feel like he is. He has a plan for me, even when I can’t see it. God please help me to wait on your timing, and trust your heart for me. Your heart for me is love.

Hannah M.


If anyone reading this finds them discouraged I would like to keep you on my prayer list.

I would love to hear your story in the comments below and how you need to be prayed for!

Thank you,





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