Unchartered Waters

I am a wife.  Right now I have left my family to cling to my husband in another city close by where I grew up.  I am here alone in a house with our wonderful dogs named Rodeo and Breezy.

Right now, my husband is serving two weeks away in the reserves and I can have little to no contact with him.  I have tried relentlessly to keep myself busy.

I feel vulnerable.

I am battling boredom and loneliness, with no church support. We started going to a church but its very far away and little. I don’t feel comfortable going to the paster with my stuff (he is a very young man) and I do not know older women I can confide in within that small fellowship. At that church I don’t feel the support of older wiser christians.

The uncharted waters.

This transition from where I was to now is very difficult. I had a lot of emotional support from my previous pastors, who happened to be my aunt and uncle. However, manipulation and disrespect damaged my relationship I had with them. Even though I believe that was God using this as a way to cling emotionally to Clifford, right now I almost crave the comfort of how things use to be.

I noticed that when my husband is gone my insecurities flare. I won’t be enough as a woman and wife. Fear sets in.

This is my prayer.


You alone are God. You alone can meet every need that I have. Please help me with all this change being a wife and homemaker. Please give me the strength and joy I need right now. I pray against the enemy who seeks to destroy me and my husband. I am craving the intimacy with my husband. I miss him so much. Lord, I pray protection over my heart and mind. I pray protection over my emotions. As I lean on you for comfort, please give me creative ways to fill up my days. Let me never turn your Word away. Let me not cave to fear or discouragement but believe in Your Word. I pray the same for my husband. As I communicate to him in fear, please give him your wisdom to see the spiritual attack that is being done on me and his family. Please give us the love, patience, kindness, and long suffering we need to overcome life’s challenges. Please work through our hearts. In Jesus name, Amen. ”


Hannah M.






4 thoughts on “Unchartered Waters

  1. Hannah, I understand the seasons of loneliness. It is then that he takes us the deepest. Please feel free to message me anytime for sharing, prayer or an ear. Blessings to you in this new season, my the Lord’s favor shine upon you ❤


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