A New Life as a New Wife

A lot of time has passed since I have typed in my blog. BUT maybe the Lord knew I would need this because now I am a stay at home wife. I recently read an article of a stay at home wife, and she often made time to blog. I then thought, “well, I had a blog. Why don’t I do that?”. So here I am!

At twenty five I met my husband, Clifford. I had just started a new job. (My very first career job). I remember how anxious I was. I was 25 and I had just moved into my aunt and uncles home. During that time in my life my relationship with my mother was very poor. And by poor I mean abusive. I was at a vulnerable but hopeful time in my life. God had just opened new doors for me. I just imagined in my head thinking I could meet the man of my dreams! I remember in my excitement I looked up all the people I would work with. I saw this really handsome man who stood out. (yup, you guessed it… my husband!) I thought he was very sexy… but I’ll say handsome because I am a good Christian woman.

Anyway, it was not sunshine and rainbows from there. We did not start dating and lived happily ever after. My husband was going through a hard divorce at the time. Moving on, Clifford started to talk to me at work. At the time I was not aware he was legally married and his intentions were not geared toward romance. Though, as we began to talking and getting to know each other (what we believed in, our hobbies etc.) we began to both feel something for each other. Unfortunately, at a work event, I discovered he was married. Now don’t freak out. His spouse was not there. He was going through a divorce remember? They were already legally separated.  However, no one at work knew except a couple of people.  So the conversation came up, I found out, and shortly after I had to leave.

The rest of the day, I mulled over it. I asked myself ” is he married?”. I had no clue what to think of this man, but that was not in the cards for me. Clifford wanted to tell me, and he was torn about how I found out. That same day, he invited me with some friends out to dance, so he could explain. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and decided to go. Clifford was very honest with me about everything that night, even about his feelings for me. As a Christian, I knew he had biblical reasons to divorce. I told him I would not date him until he was legally divorced and I had to probe him about a lot of things to give my heart peace.  (I want to say that if all the details, my concerns, feelings, and situations did not shine a “green light” so to speak in accordance with my christian beliefs- we would not be married to this day.)  I wanted to please God and so God was very much apart of the Journey whether I should date this man. ( No matter who you date, we need God’s direction and wisdom)

We’ll that day came, and so we started dating. The rest is history…

Despite my beloved being divorced, God’s hand was in it. For some reason I grew up with a feeling that “divorced” people are basically done after that. Like there is a dark mark on them. I don’t know how else to describe it. However, there are lots of people who divorce and remarry,  but as a Christian, I had to make sure everything lined up with the Bible, and test my husbands character. Does that mean we did everything right as a couple? No. There was trials and sin. Does that mean God wasn’t in it because of our struggles? No. It doesn’t.

(Everyone has to seek God in this. There are sometimes relationships need to end because of some sin and trials that just aren’t acceptable or healthy for both individuals. That was not our case. We had and still have a very loving and healthy relationship.)

So in all of this.. I am amazed at how God has used this to bless both my husband and I. God is loving, kind, forgiving and good. He loves to give good gifts to his children.



3 thoughts on “A New Life as a New Wife

  1. “I grew up with a feeling that “divorced” people are basically done after that. Like there is a dark mark on them.”
    I thought the same thing when I was a kid. The truth is that it is just not true. I know this one couple who both were divorced (but they knew each other previously) and ended up marrying later. I am good friends with their daughter as well. There are different reasons for getting divorced, and they had biblical reasons. Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. @journeytoawarenesssite.wordpress.com
      Rea, thank you for sharing your thoughts! That couple seems to have an awesome testimony.
      I enjoyed reading your comment and thank you for following my blog.

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