To a Very Special Woman

img_3260My grandmother’s name is Toni Rael. She lived here on this earth to be 83 years old. She died September 17,2016. I was with her when she died, witnessing her last moments of breath. Though I was loosing my grandma, the moment was beautiful because I know she was entering the kingdom of God.

My grandmother was a fiery woman of God. She spoke into countless peoples lives and brought them into the kingdom of God. She was bold and fearless, never caring what people thought of her. She shared a lot of life experiences and wisdom, and I will always hold those memories dear. I say my grandmothers name is Toni Rael, than was because I know she isn’t dead. She may be gone here on the earth, but she is alive in heaven and with the Lord. My grandma was a stubborn and bold woman here on this earth and I love her for it. She was a great gift to my family and I. She mothered many people, adopting many daughters, sons, granddaughters, and grandsons. What I appreciated about her was the wisdom she gave to me and the example of what it means to be a woman of strong faith. I have peace and joy knowing that I will see her again, and that I carry her with me in who I am.

The picture to my left was taken about a month ago. My cousin is on the right, I on the left, and my beautiful grandmother is center stage.


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