This is an unfinished story

The sky is dark and I see the stars poke out of the darkness. As I squint to recapture my sight. I smell a hint of salt in the air. I hear the waves of the ocean crashing against me, splashing me with water.  As I struggle to my side to find some balance, my knees fumble on hard wood. The moment I get on my left foot, a wave sneaks up to my lifeboat and knocks me into its side. I hear a crack as my head hits the side. Is that sound coming from wood or from my skull? Im too afraid to check but my head starts throbbing. The boat keeps moving and I feel like I am going to throw up.

“Where am I?”

I pull out tangled strings of hair from my mouth.  I lift them up against the moonlight noticing my hair is dark. Instead of flicking the hairs aside, I let my fingers drift down its length. My hair isn’t long, about medium length.

I summon the courage to touch the side of my head that hit against the boat. I flinch at the contact, and my hand come’s back half covered with a wet dark stain. The waves have decided to delay their assault against me, so I take the opportunity to lift myself up from the side of the boat to see where I am.

To my utter shock, all that I can see are countless waves moving against an infinite starlight sky. I don’t see anything or anyone. I am trapped.

My eyes begin to water at the realization that I am alone and I am going to die alone. I can feel blood dripping from my head, and my eyesight begins to blur from the blood loss. I hear the darkness calling me, wanting to swallow me with the waves of the ocean and into an eternity of peace . I lay down on the floor of the boat with my eyes closed, letting the voice wash over me.


I hear a man’s voice. I can’t focus on his words because they are being interrupted by waves of darkness.

 “Everything is going to be okay. Can you hear me? Come on, don’t give up on me!”

Everything is still dark, but the voice doesn’t stop.  My ears begin to tingle as the sound reaches the tips of my ears. The sound travels deeper making my ears burn, until the voice get’s so loud my hearing bursts in flames from being unconscious.

“Please, you gotta stay with me. Please God, please. I know you can save her.”

I feel strong hands urgently push up and down my chest. The pain from the pulsing reaches its climax, and I gasp with a loud breath as salt water begins to flow up from within me and out of my mouth. I gag tasting the gritty sand.  In shock I cough and gag until my body was sure everything was out. In heavy deep breaths I fall to my backside trying to grasp some air for my lungs. My head is pounding like a drum. I close my eyes and lift my left hand to touch the spot were the pain is, but it’s covered in a cloth.

“Don’t worry, I’m here. You are safe now, you don’t have to be afraid. I won’t hurt you.”

I focus my eyesight on the man above me. I am met by a pair of hazel blue eyes that remind me of a soft summer sky.  Studying his face, he seems bold and strong. His cheekbones are sharp, his brows are thick, and the way his face is tensing, makes his features appear stronger. Just by looking at the mans face, one might think him to be unapproachable. However, even though his facial features are well defined, it is his eyes that draw me. There is a deep kindness inside him that is penetrating. The contrast in those features alone, made him very handsome.

“Here, let me help you up,” he said.

“How did I…?” I said, stumbling to find words.

I am still light headed, probably from dehydration. I don’t remember the last time I had a drink of clean water. Not pushing me to explain, he helps me sit up and I survey the area. I am on a shoreline, God knows where, and it’s daylight.That is good. No more darkness for now. I look at him then my surroundings with confusion and disbelief. How am I still alive? I should not be alive.

“I should be dead,” I say flatly.

I can hear my head pounding a rhythm with the waves on the shoreline. His face softens and he looks down at the sand. His hair is a dirty blond and short. He is wearing a dark brown t-shirt that is covered with sand and capri shorts that match. He shifts his weight from an uncomfortably position, and moves a bit closer to me.

“My home is just up the shore. Its not much, but I have shelter and food you can eat.”

 I support my back with my arms resting behind me on the shoreline. Glancing around at the island Im not seeing much, but either way, I am happy to be on land. I am also happy I am not alone.

“Okay,” I say and I let him help me up to my feet. He supports me by wrapping his right arm around my waist and helps me walk because apparently, I forgot how.


Well, he was right; it wasn’t much. A little broken down shack by the shoreline. It definitely looked like it has seen better days, but who was I to complain? I had just stared death in the eyes.

The shack was made out of wood. It had beat up door in the front, and a (surprisingly) not-shattered window just above it. The wood it was made out of- you could tell it was old. The wood was stained and pealing. Despite first appearances, the shack looked sturdy enough for a man to live there. It rested on a wooden platform just above the soft sand, and some exotic trees were close to it, but not close enough to where if a storm hit, the tree’s would destroy the dirty looking thing.

When we got closer I noticed a couple steps that lead up to the door. He helped me each step up, then opened the door for me.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got in. To the left I saw a mattress with a couple green mesh colored blankets, and I bible resting on them. I then saw a dark blue travel backpack still full and packed, wedged between the wall and the mattress. It must have clothes or other important items. I saw a wooden dresser on the back wall, with a hand mirror resting on it. Next to it was a razor and a pair of sizers. The guy must have shaved this morning.


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