A Story

“Faith, mighty faith, the promise sees,  And looks to God alone;

Laughs at impossibilities, And cries it shall be done.” 

– Charles Wesley 

 He spoke like a seductive snake.

Almost every night he watched her. Her chest would rise and fall as she dove off into the dreamy night. Sometimes he would count how many breaths she took, or the number of times that she turned over because of how uncomfortable her previous sleeping position was. This night, like every other night, was no different.

Did she know he was watching? Sometimes; yes. He made his presence known to her when she was trapped inside her dreams. ” She looks so vulnerable,”  he said thoughtfully to himself. This satisfied him. He was determined to have her. He wanted to grab her from those soft blankets and consume the life out of her with ever second he dare stare… He wanted to claw her and tear her into pieces like a raging dog would his prey. His pulse quickened at the thought of it. However, his chain was short.  It wouldn’t allow one finger to caress her soft unblemished skin.

He burned at the thought of never reaching her… never once invoking pain. Nonetheless, the thought did not completely disturb him. For he had other plans. He know of her weaknesses, and he would seduce her with lies. Her downfall would be the weakness of her humanity.

December 30, 2013;  1:00 a.m 

Hi, God

Its your daughter. There have been nights when I make the wrong decisions. I know that I have an enemy yet it seems like I give into him, than the God who truly loves me. Do I worship God with just my lips? Am I worshiping Satan with my body? Forgive me Lord, because I sin against you, and myself; against the truth of your word, against your love. Let me not be consumed in fire, but in your all consuming love and grace. I believe in your unfailing love and I believe that though I sin in the night, I wake up in a palace bathed in true light. My home and my whole life is in you Lord. I pray that I would glorify you in all things. Please speak to me now. I am yours, for your Spirit is like an engagement ring adorned on my left hand. I cannot trust a word of what the snake says to me in my dreams, nor do I have any reason to be afraid of him. You are with me, and will never forsake me.

Yours truly,

December 30, 2013; 2:30 a.m 

My daughter,

   You will lift your eyes to the hills- where does your help come from? Your help comes from Me, the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. I will not let your foot slip. I who watch over you will not slumber; indeed , I who watch over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. I the Lord, watch over you- I am your shade at your right hand, the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night. I, the Lord, will keep you from all harm- I will watch over your life; I the Lord, will watch over your coming and going both now and forever.

    Though there are days when you have pushed my voice out of your ears, I will love you. I have always loved you. I can see that you need rescuing and I will rescue you from My enemy. He cannot lay a finger on you, for I have put a chain around his neck like a wild dog, so that when he bites he cannot reach you. He watches you while you sleep, but I watch you where he cannot see. I see you in your darkest, and I have loved you still. I do not love as the world does, but I love with a greater love. One that you will soon come to understand. Listen to me my bride, my son Jesus has taken your sin and has paid the price for you. You are purer than snow.

Listen to me when you cannot hear. Continue to reach for me and I will find you. There is no need to be afraid. I have overcome the world. The enemy cannot stop Me and he cannot stop you. You are wonderfully and fearfully made.

Yours truly

December 30, 2013; 2:31 a.m 

The snake hissed vehemently, cowering, into the dark corner of the bedroom. Satan hated HIM. His presence was like acid to his body; repulsive.

Jealousy cooked a deep hole inside him. He viciously glared at the girl, curled lips exposing his sharp white teeth. A bitter taste filled in the corners of his mouth as he snarled, watching the girl he hated just as much. With intensity he watched the girl. Her hands were wide open now and her lips formed words that could not be heard by human ears. She was praying and inside his tight chest, he could barely breath. He charged her with fangs but the chain on his neck held him back, and he was unable to move.

A sense of hopelessness started to creep inside the depths of his dark mind. She was ruining everything! All the hard work he had done, all those days he watched and studied her. She had just started to believe the lies he was feeding her. Now…

He could feel every word slowly fading. As the thought entered into his mind, the words suddenly vanished. It was as if his memory had been erased and he could no evil in this girl who had tears streaming down her feminine face.

A presences that felt like acid touched Satan and he jerked back in reflex to the pain. Instinctively he sank deeper into the corner as the presence got thicker. Starting to panic, he tried to flee but the chain held him in place. He could not move an inch toward any direction and he froze at the realization; frightened. Then, the presence poured down harder and was so strong his legs gave ways with a loud crack, as he hit the wooden floor. Immobilized he felt the fullness of the presence weighing down on him and he opened his mouth to scream but no sound came out to relieve him. The presence was foreign… yet familiar. Pure. Purity was everything he wasn’t and only reminded him of the his bitterness, jealousy and contempt. The pain was so immense it felt like he was eating a hot metal iron. In that moment, he felt like his only relief  would be to let the presence eat him from the inside out.

Suddenly, the pain cut off.

His body lay weary and shaken. Thankful the pain left, it brought no comfort. A new level of fear came over Satan as he understood that he was at the mercy of the God of all creation…


… and with all the force that his body would allow, Satan fled to stalk the night once more.

The End

A story by Hannah M.


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