In the Midst of Change

September, 28, 2013

Photo on 9-28-13 at 11.18 AM

        October is almost here! So excited to feel the cool air when I take my morning runs. September and October are my favorite months, because the weather is absolutely captivating here in Albuquerque. Wide open blue skies, the Sandia mountains in the east, and the sun in all its glory proudly shinning in the silvery blue sky. Albuquerque is truly a beautiful city. Some might not agree but it really takes a keen eye to see the moments when Albuquerque shows the beauty within her.

        Well, right now I am watching the movie Amazing Grace. Have you ever seen it? Its about William Wilberforce, a man who really inspires me. He was a christian and in the 1800s he played a huge part of abolishing slavery in Great Britain, one of the most powerful countries at that time. He was a true man of God, who had faith, and boldly spoke out about his convictions. He truly loved the people who were captive in slavery.

The most beautiful people I have ever seen is when they boldly make an impact for God. Making an impact for God doesn’t mean you have to be famous like William Wilberforce, to make a difference or have a lasting impact. I have a chance to speak life into those around me and give something by being myself. I get to place love in ways no one else can copy. I know my uncle does that for me. So does my mom, sister, brother-in-law and even my dearest friends at work. They place love in me in ways only they can and it has made a lasting impact on my heart. Everyone I have come to know through out my life has made an impact on my heart. It doesn’t matter the size of that impact.

 I know there will be a time when the people God has placed in my life for a time will leave. Life happens, God takes them elsewhere; people grow. Its not a bad thing, but sometimes the transition can be difficult. I have been in that transition for quite some time now, with family and friends.  Even today, one of my friends I have gotten to know through work will be moving to another state. Not just him but many of the people I have come to know specifically at work have been moving on. Work wont be the same without them. Its a bitter sweet time in my life, but I know God’s plan is greater for my friend’s lives. I know he has all of them in his hands, and wants to see them grow just as much as he would want to see me grow.

So, even in the midst of this change I can hope that God has it all in his strong hands and that his plan is good. In every great story there is a journey, and change is apart of it. Its one of the many glorious way’s God shapes us into who we are.

– Hannah M.


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