Wild with Abandon

Friday, September 27, 2013

Photo on 9-27-13 at 12.04 AM #2

    It is 12:09 in the morning. What are you doing up? I have no clue. So lets talk, because I am giving up sleep for it. Today was a fairly good day. Do you ever have a hard time being content with where you are in life? Well, I understand. I am not exactly where I want to be, yet I know God has my desires in his hands. It’s not an easy road. I don’t really see where I am going in life, nor do I know what I am even going to school for. Somehow, I feel bad for it, like I should know what I want in life now, and do everything in my power to fight for it. If I don’t make it through college somehow, I am a failure and I have no plan for my life.  That is definitely not true, but it is easy to believe…isn’t it? The fact of the matter is,  I gave up that right to my life the moment I accepted Jesus into my heart. I am not saying Jesus doesn’t care about the things I want out of life. Oh man, does he care about those things, because its what makes me who I am. Everyone has unique desires within them. Whether it is owning your own horse, get a certain job, marry a certain person, have kids, buy that new car you’ve always wanted, start your own business, or play video games. Thats what makes me, me, and that what makes you, who you are. I believe that God has a certain design for me, and that he is just itching to give me the life I have always wanted, with him. Whats the point without Him? Without God life would be meaningless to me. I would have no faith of a greater purpose that God designed for me to fill.

Oh don’t be mistaken dear reader, you have one too. It going to be wild, for we serve a wild God.

I heard a story on the radio (105.5) about a man who took his daughter on a trip to see the ocean. She had never seen it before, yet she wouldn’t go. Why? The place the family was staying had an outside pool and it took the little girls heart away. Her father tried to get her to go see the ocean, but she didn’t want to. She had fun in her little pool. Eventually, he took her kicking and screaming till she saw it.. the vastness of the ocean. After she saw it, the father claimed that she didn’t return to that little pool again.  It is a cool testimony because that is like us. We don’t see the bigger picture. The ocean is wild, risky, and beautifully breathtaking. The pool is clean, safe, and you can control the environment. I am still learning that I can’t follow God if all I want to do is protect myself and try to control my surroundings so I do not get hurt. I have to let go of the familiar, and frankly it’s scary. Really scary, but I am believing that when God gives me the eyes to see the vastness of his will for my life, I wont go back to that dumb little pool.

 You and I, are carved in the palms of his hands (Isaiah 49:16) This is the journey of a christians life. Wild with abandon.

Hannah M.


2 thoughts on “Wild with Abandon

  1. Miguel Duran a.k.a. Mike Duran

    If you don’t make it thru college it would not be the end of the world. There are some words in a song that says “Life is what happens when we are making other plans”. If it is worth anything, Bill Gates dropped out of college and so did Steve Jobs. Just keep the faith that God will take you where you need to be. Each one of us is like a river that takes its own path. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Relax and enjoy the ride. Try to have fun with it.

  2. That was very beautifully put! Thanks so much for sharing. I especially liked the story of the little girl and the sentence, “I gave up that right to my life the moment I accepted Jesus into my heart.” So true!

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