Love at First Sight

Thursday, September 26, 2013

    Well, Its another day. I am here in Zimmerman Library trying my best to study Statistics, but for some unknown reason regression lines aren’t making to much sense to me. Oh well…

Now that I am on my “break time”, I wanted to talk about my journey reading my Bible last night. Last night I read the chapter’s that describe the very beginning of the world; Genesis. This time instead of reading it in a childish light, I really thought about it in depth for the first time I think.

And wow.

What a difference it made to think about all the intimate details when God created land and animals. I caught myself thinking about lions on the African plains, I saw the Niagara falls plunge into the depths of the rocks below, swans swimming with the current of calm waters, polar bears in icy Antarctica and the desert sand waves in Egypt. How mysterious to create such beautiful surroundings that are all complex and unique in their own way. With all there dangerous beauty He called them good. 

Now, it is humanities turn…

Shaped from the dirt, it says in the bible the rivers sprung forth in the land. There were no plants yet, because there was no one to tend to it, but streams came up from the earth to water it. (Genesis 2:5) Basically, God formed Adam with mud. Try to imagine this relational exchange. Can you image the care God took in creating a man in his image that he could love?

It gets better. After Adam names all the animals, and God give’s him dominion of them, He puts Adam in a deep sleep…God saw it was not good for man to be alone. (Genesis 2:18) So he formed the image bearer of all the beauty of God into one being.


Love at first sight. Both pure, innocent and naked. The world in all its glory, untouched by sin. Adam, with power, strength, and God given authority. Eve, with grace, and a beauty that captivates.  And God Himself walking with them. Wow. Pretty cool.

Photo on 9-26-13 at 11.33 AM


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