Hope in a Hopeless World

Wednesday September 25, 2013

             This morning I woke up thinking, “whats the point?.” Have you ever felt like that? There is a lot of things I don’t know why I am doing them; for instance, going to school. Even though I don’t know why I am going to school, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a bigger reason. I am not saying school isn’t important, obviously it is really emphasized that you go to college as you grow up. Im sure you know what I am talking about. There are day’s I do get discouraged though.


          I have a blue little note book, and it has scriptures, journal entries and in the very back a little page that has a small green tab called “Truth Daily”. This is what is says:

  • I don’t belong to myself
  • He will give me the desires of my heart
  • His love endures forever 
  • We battle a spiritual war
  • My righteousness comes through faith in Christ alone
  • I have to die to myself daily 
  • Life is not centered around me
  • I am saved by grace, not good works
  • His Holy Spirit is a seal, a ring that I belong to him
  • Death nor life, will not separate his love for me
  • God is faithful when I am faithless
  • I am God’s beloved, his desire is for me.

Wow. What a difference it makes reading them yourself. I forget the moment I wake up how much my life depends on God, Jesus, and his Holy Spirit. Don’t you? Isn’t there that specific way you know the devil tries to attack you? It could be a night in your dreams, or it could be in an area you have the most talent. It could be something simple or deeply personal but I want to tell you that it is all a lie. The Devil is a lier. He will hit you in places it hurts most.

Last night, I was being attacked in my dreams. I do not fully remember them, but I know that a specific person was in them. Someone dear to my heart in ways, only Jesus knows. I woke up with this sense of purposelessness, about my life and remembered the dream left my heart with a sinking feeling. How could that come from Jesus? Satan, uses this specific person against me. He has done it before. He has no new tricks.

Now I have to make a choice, dailyWe all do.

Who are we going to believe? Who am I going to believe? Im I going to believe Satan who tells me my life is purposeless? That I make no difference in the world as a daughter of God?


Am I going to trust Jesus, a man who has become deeply intimate in my life. A man, who tells me himself that I have a Father in God. A man who, chose to die on a cross for not only me, but the friends and family I love today. I have hope. We have hope together!

           I can live everyday in the deceptiveness of this world and its success, or chose to dive into the spiritual realm where God will reveal truth into my heart and free me personally from those things that bind us all. I can choose to give up those worries, in faith of a greater purpose Jesus himself is directing. Will I be willing to give up my well being to Jesus? I face this question daily. There are many days I want to take my life into my own hands, or days I feel overwhelmed and alone, but I am not. You the reader, most likely understand where I am coming from. If you know Jesus or not, we all have felt alone.

I want to thank the movie Unstoppable by Kirk Cameron, because this is what really inspired me to start this blog, and share it on Facebook. Thank you all of you, who took the time to read this. I appreciate your support.

– Hannah M.

This below is a song called The Time is Now by Warren Barfield. It was in the movie Unstoppable and its a very powerful song. Please take time to listen to it.


3 thoughts on “Hope in a Hopeless World

  1. OH…the song completely reminds me of my son!
    He was bullied and drew into himself for a season. He developed an anxiety disorder. The Lord brought him out and he wrote songs. He has one called Numbed…describing the pain and effect of being bullied…then He wrote Relief for His breakthrough moment. He is away at internship now and I can see Him growing every day in His resolve and the truth of God’s word. He settles for nothing less than sharing what God puts on HIs heart…even when others would shut him down. Thanks for sharing!!!
    Here is a link to my post that can take you to his songs. Blessings

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